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AGCOK Media Library

AGC of Oklahoma Media Library

The following DVDs, VHS Tapes, and Audio Tapes are available for loan at no cost to members and affiliates of the AGC of Oklahoma – Building Chapter and must be returned in two (2) weeks.  The maximum number of items that a company may check out at any one time is four (4). Contact the AGC of Oklahoma for availability.

0202D             Soft Tissue Injury Prevention DVD (EN & SP)

0155D             Fall Protection Training in the Const. Industry DVD
0400D             Hazard Communication: The Message is Safety-DVD
0402D             Just The Facts: Accident Investigation DVD

0404D             Take the Steps: Stairway & Ladder Safety for Construction
0416D             Sky’s the Limit: Scissor and Aerial Platform Safety DVD
0418D             Back to Basics: Back Injury Prevention DVD

0420D             Avoid the Heat: Fire Prevention in Construction DVD
0424D             Step-by-step: Job Safety Analysis DVD
0425D             Take Control: Lockout/Tagout DVD
0431D             On The Go: Forklift Safety – DVD

0434D             The Best Strategy: Personal Protective Equipment (EN & SP)
0436D             On Solid Ground: Safe Excavation and Trenching DVD
0439D             Putting it All Together: Scaffold Safety DVD

0440D             In the Trenches: Excavation Safety for Workers – DVD
0442D             Think Ahead: Driver’s Safety DVD
0450D             Mobile Crane Setup DVD
0451D             Specialized Crane Operations DVD

0452D             Above The Hook: Wire Rope DVD
0453D             Controlling the Load: Crane Rigging Safety DVD (EN & SP)
0460D             Electrical Safety for the Construction Worker DVD

0461D             Safety During Renovation & Demolition Operations DVD
0462D             Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) DVD
0463D             Power and Hand Tool Safety DVD

0465D             Housekeeping on the Jobsite: A Plan for Success DVD
0466D             Load Securement: Know Before You Go
0467D             Getting the Job Done Safely: Worker Safety Orientation
0468D             Heightened Awareness: Fall Protection & Prevention DVD

0469D             Job Hazard Analysis: Blueprint for Success DVD
0500D             Heightened Awareness: Fall Protection in the Const. Industry DVD

0550D             Tool Box Safety Talks Volume III DVD
1302D             Tool Box Safety Talks Volume II DVD

AGC Promotional Videos
A02                  AGC – At Work for You
A05                  AGC – Your Information Resource
A10                  AGC – Hallmark of Quality – 3/95

A16                  AGC – In Your Own Words, The Value of AGC 3/97
A17                  AGC – A Symphony of Talent 3/98
A18                  Facing the Challenge – 1996
A21                  AGC – Building The American Century 3/99

Craftworker Training Videos
47.0                 Form: Carpentry Series Promotional
47.1                 Form: Preparing the Site for Form Building
47.2                 Form: Footing Forms

47.3                 Form: Edge Forms On-Grade
47.4                 Form: Wall Forms
47.5                 Form: Vertical Piers & Columns

47.6                 Form: Horizontal Beam Forms
47.7                 Form: On-Grade Curb Forms
47.8                 Form: Above-Grade Slab Systems
47.9                 Form: Stair Forms

Management Education Videos
A03          Building America: Inside Competitive Bidding
623          Guidelines for a Successful Construction Project

        711          Preparing for Comet
744          When You Have to Release an Employee
745          Drawing the Line: Preventing Sexual Harassment

1121        Implementing TQM in a Construction Company
1140        Managed Risk or Wild Gamble: Getting on the Team
1146        Construction Marketing & Strategic Planning

1207        Partnering: A Concept for Success
1208        Partnering: Herbert Cock and Associates
1209        Striving for the Best: Implementing TQM

1210        Implementing TQM in a Construction Co.
1620        Subcontractors Relations Kit

Project Management Videos
950          Project Management: An Introduction
951          Project Management: Preplanning
952          Project Management: CPM Scheduling

        954          Project Management: Project Closeout
955          Project Management: Oral Communication Skills
956          Project Management: Written Communication Skills

958          Project Management: Killer Clauses I
2611        Project Management: Short Interval Planning
2613        Project Management: Marketing for Project Managers

2615D     Ethics & Professionalism (DVD)
2904        Project Delivery Systems: Options for Success

General Interest Videos

        2902        Partnering Changing Attitudes in Construction
2903        Project Delivery Systems for Building Construction
3502        Construction Planning and Scheduling

A07          Governor Lee Dreyfus, AGC Convention – 3/5/95
A08          Mayor’s Magazine – Slides of Bomb Damage
A09          AGC Celebration of Quality Achievements – 3/7/95

A13          AGC Opening General Session – 3/1/96
A35          AGC/CareerTech Accredited Vocational Scholarship Program
A36          Oklahoma One-Call – The Other Side of the Fence

A38          AGC of America 2005 – Scott O’Grady

Careers in Construction Videos

        A04a        Careers in Construction: 1987

        A04b        Careers in Construction: 1997
A11          AGC & School-to-work: the Winning Combination
A12          Heaven Sent – A Career in the Construction Industry

A14          Building Your Own Future – Arkansas AGC
A15          Building Your Career in Construction – Virginia AGC
A19          NCCER Careers in Const: Build Your Future 98

A20          Construction…Building Your Future (Cincinnati)
A23a        Build Up! A Tool Kit for Learning (3 copies)
A24          How Do They Build Skyscrapers

A25          NCCER Careers in Const: Build Your Future ‘99
A26a        NCCER Building Strength From Within (2 copies)
A27          NCCER Build Your Future 2000

A28          Build Up! A Tool Kit for Learning — Bridges
A29          On Site! Construction Futures Program
A33          NCCER Build Your Future 2004

A34          FTTC Careers in Construction Trades

Motivational Videos & Audio Tapes
M01         Programming Yourself for Success (Videos)

                                Tape 1:  You Were Born To Win
Tape 2:  You Were Exposed to the Negatives
Tape 3:  You Became Addicted to the Negatives

Tape 4:  You Can Reprogram Yourself for Success
M02         Motivational Dream Catchers (2 Audio Tapes)
M03         Take This Job and Love It (Video)

M05         Spiritual Pathfinders (Audio Tapes)
Tape 1:   When You’re Weak & Need Strength

Tape 2:   When You’re Confused & Need Direction
M06         Programming Yourself for Positive Energy (Audio)

M07         Succeeding With Imaging & Self Hypnosis (Audio)
M08         Subliminal Self-Confidence (Audio)

M09         Subliminal Achievement (Audio)
M10         Resolving Conflict (Audio)

M11         The Magic of Touch (Audio)
M12         You Can Do It – With Affirmations (Audio)

M13         Mental Toughness (Audio)
M14         Gaining Willing Cooperation (Audio)

M15         Turning People Into Peak Performers (Audio)
M16         Listening:  A Response Ability (Audio)

M17         Preventing Burnout (Audio)
M18         Twelve Ways To Eliminate Worry (Audio)

M19         Building Your Self Esteem (Audio)
M20         Building Esteem & Motivation in Others (Audio)

M21         The Power of Enthusiasm (Audio)
M22         Living With Purpose and Risk (Audio)

M23         Becoming A Positive Thinker & A Positive Person (Audio)
M24         A Positive Approach to Negative Criticism (Audio)

Safety Training Videos

        A01          Hazard Communication: Employee Training
A22          Common Ground Damage Prevention: Pipeline Safety

        A30          What To Do When The Sky Starts Falling
A31          How To Survive a Media Crisis
A32          Workplace Violence Video Training Program

A37          AGC of America – Drug Free Workplace 1986
112          Hazard Communication: The System That Works
131          Controlling the Field: Jobsite Safety Inspections

132          Just the Facts: Accident Investigation
133          Clearing the Air: Confined Space Entry
134          Success at the Top: Stairway & Ladder Safety

135          The Choice Is Yours: Personal Protective Equipment
136          On Solid Ground: Safe Excavation & Trenching
137          Take Charge: Working Safely with Temp. Electricity

137B        Construction Safety Competency Training Course
138          The Winning Ticket: Housekeeping on the Jobsite
139          Safety: The Bottom Line

141          Caught in Time: Fall Protection
142          Play it Safe: An Overview of Crane Safety
143          The Rules of the Game: Employee Safety Orientation

144          Handle with Care: Jobsite Hazardous Waste Safety
145          Exposing the Facts: Lead Exposure
146          Controlling the Load: Crane Rigging Safety

147          The Sky’s the Limit: Scissor & Aerial Platform Safety
148          On Your Guard: Power Tool Safety
149          Back to Basics: Back Injury Prevention

150          Make the Right Move: Materials Handling Safety
151          Avoid the Heat: Fire Prevention in Construction
152          Avoid Hot Mix Hazards: Working Safely with Hot Mix

153          Pave Your Way to Safety: Concrete Paving Safety
154          Demolition Safety: What Goes Up, Must Come Down
156          Step by Step: Job Safety Analysis

157          Take Control: Lock-Out/Tag-Out
159          Think Again: Substance Abuse on the Jobsite
171          Preparing for Process: OSHA’s Inspections & Citations

172          Breathing Easier: The Basics of Respiratory Protection
173          Breathing Easier: Respirators
176          On the Go: Forklift Safety

177          Call Before You Dig – Mid-Continent One-Call Group
179          Heightened Awareness: Fall Protection
181          The Best Strategy: Personal Protective Equipment

183          Getting the Job Done Safely: Worker Safety Orientation
183S        Getting the Job Done Safely: Worker Safety Orientation(Span)
184          Making the Move: Trailering Const. Equipment Safely

185          Asbestos Awareness
190          Putting it all Together: Scaffolding Safety
400S        Hazard Communications: The System That Works (Spanish)

405          “Take Charge: Work Safely with Temporary Electricity”
407          “Play it Safe: An Overview of Crane Safety”
409          Exposing the Facts:  Lead Exposure in the Const. Industry

417S        On Your Guard: Power Tool Safety (Spanish)
419          Make the Right Move: Materials Handling Safety
420          Avoid the Heat: Fire Prevention in Construction

431S        On The Go: Forklift Safety (Spanish)
434S        The Best Strategy: Personal Protective Equip (Spanish)
436          On Solid Ground: Safe Excavation & Trenching

439S        Putting It All Together: Scaffolding Safety (Spanish)
440S        In The Trenches: Excavating For Workers (Spanish)
442          Thinking Ahead: Driver’s Safety

443          Rolling Towers, Mobile Scaffold Safety
444          Swing Stage Scaffolds, Raising Safety to a New Level
445          Silica Exposure:  It Can Leave You Breathless

446          Within Safe Limits: Preventing Asbestos Exposure
447          Emergency Medical Response
449          Mobile Crane Capacities

500S        Heightened Awareness: Fall Protection (Spanish)
5045        OSHA Inspections: Preparation and Response
5090A      Steel Erectors Training Set – Fall Hazard

5090B      Steel Erectors Training Set – Connecting
5090C     Steel Erectors Training Set – Multiple Lift Rigging
5090D     Steel Erectors Training Set – CDZ

5090E      Steel Erectors Training Set – Subpart R: Compliance Guide

Tool Box Safety Talks Videos

180.01     Fire Extinguisher Operation

        180.02     Eye & Face Protection
180.03     Compressed Gas Safety
180.04     Hand Protection

180.05     Foot Protection
180.06     Hearing Protection
180.07     Ladder Safety

180.08     Working Safely on Scaffolds
180.09     Working Safely with Crane Rigging
180.10     Powder Actuated Tool Safety

180.11     Chemical Safety
180.12     Working Around Construction Equipment Safely
180.13     Working Safely Around Explosives

180.14     Construction Equipment Maintenance
180.15     Safety Belts for Vehicle Safety
180.16     Traffic Control

180.17     Carbon Monoxide Safety
180.18     Warning Signs
180.19     Working Around High Voltage

180.20     Head Protection
180.21     Employee Accountability
180.22     Skid Steer Loader Safety

180.23     Cut-Off Saw Safety
550.2S     Eye & Face Protection (Spanish)
550.7S     Ladder Safety (Spanish)

550.21S   Employee Accountability (Spanish)
550.25     Environmental Hazards in Construction
550.26     Crane Signals

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