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The AGCOK offers sponsorship opportunities at various price points targeted to help you build brand awareness, increase your line of business and connect you with attendees and industry professionals. It is our goal that by providing the following sponsorship opportunities, your sponsorship will serve to alter your client’s buying decisions and position you at the forefront next time they invest in what it is your company provides.

Business Team Working Research Planning Concept


The AGCOK offers several sponsorships throughout the year.  Member companies are able to a la carte or bundle sponsorships that best fit your marketing needs.


Sponsorship Packet



The AGCOK prints a bi-monthly magazine and an Annual Directory.  The bi-monthly publication highlights upcoming events and activities. This will provide the membership with another form of communication keeping you up-to-date and informed on the latest trends of the industry. These outlet is a great way to promote your line of business to the entire AGCOK membership.


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