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Our mission is to develop a partnering relationship among the next generation of leaders in the Oklahoma Construction Industry.  The CLC is an organized forum of individuals with the purpose of exchanging ideas, fostering a strong network among peers, discussing pertinent issues, and providing feedback to the leadership of the AGC of Oklahoma. To ensure that the Oklahoma construction industry continues to prosper, an investment must be made in our young leaders. They must be encouraged to get involved in industry activities. Made up of the “next level of management,” the CLC of Oklahoma will help structure the AGC for the 21st Century.  CLC members will work together to improve the construction industry within their chosen fields.

CLC members will help each other when possible and work to achieve harmony between all contractors, sub-contractors, architects, and suppliers. CLC members will strive to keep the bid market competitive and honest. CLC members will conduct themselves in a professional manor at all times as to promote the construction industry in a positive light. CLC members will strive to improve their community.


Participants will have the opportunity to network and exchange information with others that work in the industry helping to build a rapport among members to facilitate working together on present and future projects. Participants will help guide the direction and content of meetings and activities to ensure maximum benefit of membership. This will stimulate and increase the level of commitment and participation in the construction industry. Valuable and interesting information will be provided about the industry. Participants will better understand the role that the AGC plays in the industry and how the association’s services can help their companies.

Executive Committee

Justin Partridge | AC Owen
Past President 

Noah Bates | Colburn Electric

Dylan Branstetter | Total Demolition
Vice President

Garrett Goldsby | Goldsby Construction

At Large Directors

Mason Jones | Goldsby Construction

Peter Morrical | Globe Construction Co.

Connor Poss | AC Owen Construction

Brenna Wells | Willowbrook

Nathan Ruth | Narcomey

Cameron Colburn | Colburn Electric

Ethan Krager | Metro Tech Electric

Casey Chesser | Crossland Construction Company - Tulsa


Become a CLC Member!

Network and exchange information with others that work in the industry to facilitate working together on present and future projects.

CLC Membership Appilcation
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