Oklahoma Chapter

Article I – Purpose

  1. To be an entry vehicle into the AGC and to promote new member involvement
  2. To be an open forum to exchange ideas
  3. To foster a strong network among peers
  4. To create and promote industry innovation
  5. To discuss important issues and provide feedback to the AGC leadership
  6. To help structure the AGC for the 21st century
  7. To promote and increase membership in itself and in the AGC
  8. To promote community philanthropy

Article II – Leadership
CLC Board President and Vice President

  1. To ensure direction & focus, the CLC will have a President and Vice President. The President will represent the CLC on the Full AGC Board of Directors.
  2. Responsibilities of CLC President and Vice President will be to oversee/focus the CLC Board, create unified statewide efforts, and report to AGC during board meetings.
  3. Terms of CLC Board President will be one year with Vice President moving into President Position. The new Vice President will be nominated by a committee comprised of Past Presidents (or CLC Past Statewide Chairs) and current CLC of Oklahoma National Committee Member(s).
CLC Board and At Large Board Members
  1. The CLC Board will be comprised of the CLC Board President, Vice President, five (5) At Large Board Members, and three (3) non-voting University representatives. a. If AGC of Oklahoma has a representative on the CLC National Steering Committee, that individual will be embodied on the CLC Board as an additional At Large non-voting member.
  2. The five (5) At Large Board Members will serve two year terms and two of those Members will be on staggered terms. The inaugural year three (3) At Large Board Members will serve three year terms, two (2) will serve two year staggered terms.
  3. A nominating Board comprised of the President, Vice President, a Tulsa At Large Board Member, and an Oklahoma City At Large Board Member will seek nominees for the vacant At Large Board positions. These nominees will be approved by a majority vote of the CLC membership in good standing (paid). In the first year of adoption of these revised by-laws (2016), the AGC Board of Directors will, through an application process, appoint the President and Vice President from current CLC Steering Board Members, appoint the five (5) At Large Board Members from active CLC participants and determine which of the five (5) At Large Board Members will serve three year terms and which will serve two. Companies of CLC participants must be AGC       Members.
  4. CLC Board members will be required to attend monthly planning sessions
  5. In the event that a Board member cannot attend a planning session, he must notify the President in advance of the planning session. The member is invited to send a non-voting proxy (a CLC member in good standing) in his place.
  6. If a Board member fails to attend three (3) planning sessions without notification, the Board will have the option to replace said member. The Vice-President will be in close contact with the President and will fulfill the President’s duties in the event of the President’s absence.
    1. Special Committees will be appointed as necessary to carry out specific tasks, i.e. fundraising events, special guest speakers, etc.

Article III – Membership

  1.  Membership is open to all individuals involved in sales, marketing, estimating, field operations, or project management of the construction industry
  2. Membership is available to all vendors or suppliers of the construction industry
  3. Membership is available to business professionals involved in the construction industry, i.e.: banking, insurance, accounting, etc.
  4. Membership is available to students in a construction oriented degree program.
  5. Student members may not sit on the Board
  6. A prospective member of the CLC does not have to be a current member of the AGC.

Article IV – Dues & Funds

  1. Membership dues will be paid yearly in the following amounts:
    • AGC members $150.00
    • Non-AGC members $300.00
    • Students paid for by AGC Membership
    • Fundraising activities will be held to help fund the CLC

Article V – Meetings

  1. Meetings will be held monthly at a designated time and place
  2. Meetings will be informal
  3. Meetings will be mediated by the President & by the Vice President in the President’s absence
  4. Meetings, when possible, will be assisted by a facilitator
  5. Meetings will vary in content each month, i.e.: open discussion, guest speaker, specific topics of discussion, etc.

Article VI – By-Law Protocol

  1. Adopting of New By-Laws​
    • The general membership will vote these by-laws into effect
    •  All members attending the monthly meeting where the by-laws are being presented will have a vote.
    • On all votes, majority rules
  2. Amendment Procedures
    • Any amendments made to the by-laws must be motioned at a monthly meeting
    • The motion will be discussed and presented to the general membership for a vote